Without AdditivesWithout Artificial Flavors
Homemade Noodles

Ramen that can be enjoyed from little kids to the elderly.
Chinese-style seafood ramen made with carefully selected ingredients.

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Spicy Tingling (Mazesoba) Mixed Soba with Rice
1200 Yen

StimulatingSpicy [Specially made Calashibi Spice (Spicy Numbing Spice)]   

A spicy miso mixed noodle that combines carefully selected miso and pork, flavored with chili pepper and Sichuan peppercorn spices.

We use specially made Calashibi (Spicy Numbing) Spice. 

For those who enjoy spicy food, you can choose your preferred level of spiciness for Mazesoba

You can choose from Level 1Level 3Level 5!

Level 10 costs an extra 100 Yen



A strong impact of aroma and numbing sensation.
An exhilarating blend of original chili peppers.

Carefully selected domestically produced wheat flour is used.
A dish with a well-coated soup and a satisfying firm texture.

Noodles with a clear white color, a firm and chewy texture, and a pleasantly springy bounce is prepared. 

Additionally, we slightly adjust the amount of water depending on the humidity and temperature. 

Carefully selected Dried Sardines 
Delicate soup with condensed umami flavor.

We use “Japan’s best Iriko” produced in the area of Ibuki Island in Kagawa Prefecture.

By carefully controlling the temperature without bringing it to a boil, we extract the umami flavor of the dried fish without clouding the soup.

We soak dried kelp and Shiitake mushrooms overnight to extract their flavors, and then blend them with dried fish broth.

Through temperature control, we produce a tender texture and rich aroma.

We prepare the rare Chashu by maintaining a constant temperature for a minimum of 12 hours to ensure that the heat reaches deep into the core of the meat.

Belly Chashu is boiled for an extended period in a large pot of boiling water until it reaches the perfect tenderness.

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